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OE Clutch Clamps

What can be used instead of the standard OE clamp for the clutch cable? Tears can occur in the area where the clamp goes on.

Customers should NOT use the standard OE clutch clamp. It may cut into the clutch cable and cause a tear in the protective jacket. Instead, they could use a Wire Fuel Line Guide (Drag Specialties #DS-110225) or any other clamp or guide that allows the cable to move freely. This will allow them to position their clutch cable without it pinching it too tightly.

Cables needs small adjustments

Clutch keeps needing to be adjusted by small amounts.

A clamp (or P clamp) may be too tight and it is actually pulling the conduit and stretching it when the handlebars are turned. Even if it only pulls 1/16" it will still make cause the cable be adjusted. Remove the tight clamp and install a looser version.

White Cylinder

What is the white cylinder or pin for?

This plastic cylinder or pin sits inside the inner cable eyelet as it gets centered into the clutch lever and housing at the handlebar. It is the "pin" that secure the eyelet to the lever.

One-Piece Clutch

One-piece clutch cables -does transmission fluid through them?

NO. The one-piece cables do not have the proper seals to run transmission fluid through. The older style bikes will not be affected as the cable attaches extenally to transmission not internally.

Free Play

Clutch has too much or too little free play and needs adjustment.

When installing a new cable, the clutch should always be adjusted by removing the Derby cover and making an adjustment to the clutch adjuster mechanism. After this has been done, the cable is adjusted at the cable adjuster. When a new clutch cable is installed, the free length can be different than the cable that it is replacing due to stretch, specifications and tolerances or routing that differ from OE, all of which can cause the cable to lose or gain free length once it is installed. Please follow the service manual instructions on how to adjust the clutch.

Basic Clutch Adjustment

How to adjust the clutch on a two piece cable - please refer to your service manual. These basic instructions will get your cable adjusted and work though they might not be exact for every application.

Make sure the cable adjuster is completely closed. Loosen jam nut and turn adjuster screw clockwise until seated. Remove primary chain case inspection cover. (Derby Cover) Loosen jam nut on clutch adjuster screw. Turn adjuster screw inward until lightly seated. Back out adjuster screw 12/ to 1 turn and tighten jam nut to 72 to 120 in-lbs. Squeeze clutch lever 3 times to set release mechanism. Turn cable adjuster screw until slack is eliminated at lever. Pull cable end away from clutch lever bracket and check free play. should be 1/16 in. Turn adjuster to obtain correct free play adjustment. Reinstall Derby cover.

EZ Clutch

EZ clutch - Magnum cables don't work with them

If a Burly EZ Clutch is installed, the clutch cable will not work. The spacer that is required for the EZ clutch installation makes the threads on the transmission fitting too short. The cables can be returned to Magnum (at customers expense) and the inner cable can be shortened by the same length as the spacer. The spacer can also be removed and the cable may able to be adjusted, but there will be more threads showing on the adjuster. If you need an easier clutch lever pull, there are several other options available. You may be able to buy a "factory style ramp" to allow them to use the Magnum clutch and travel plus make the clutch pull easier. Muller Power Clutch is one such option.

Loose Adjuster

Loose Adjuster

Yes. There is a jam nut at the adjuster end fitting that can be tightened to make the adjuster stop moving. If it is loose on the actual braided conduit of the cable it is either a bad crimp or the wrong portion of the cable was turned during an adjustment.

Clutch Fitting Too Short

Clutch fitting does not have enough threads

See EZ Clutch Answer

Clutch Adjuster

Closed Adjuster Length

From crimp to crimp, the adjuster measures 4 1/4"

Outside Diameter

What does the outside diameter measure?

Outside diameter is .372" - with maximum of .375"

Conduit Diameter

What is the internal diameter and can you use it to cover wires etc?

5/16" internal diameter of braiding with the braid removed from the conduit. If the braids is to be used to cover wires, etc., the braiding, once the core conduit is removed, can be stretched to a smaller diameter if desired. By carefully peeling the braid up one end of the conduit to get to the core, the core can be pulled out of the braid with the clear coating attached. The braid can then be removed from the coating or can be used as is.

Hydraulic Clutch Lines

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Thread Pitch

What is the thread pitch of the stainless hydraulic fitting?

7/16"-20 straight fittings for 2012 & older hydraulic covers;  2013 & Newer models CVO & non-CVO bikes require a curved fitting with a 3/8"-24 thread nut.   ALL V-Rods take the older-style fitting.

Leak at Slave Cylinder

The hydraulic fitting is leaking at the slave cylinder.

It's possible that the slave cylinder has been damaged with removing/installing the hydraulic fitting. Retighten the nut to the proper torque. 2013+ models may need a copper gasket if the seat has been damaged. Available at you local HD dealer. (p/n 12300027)  If it is not leaking at the nut, check the slave cylinder for leakage at the piston. If so, the cylinder will need to be rebuilt or replaced.


Is an O-Ring needed?

The older-style 2012 and older use an O-ring to seal the tube.  The newer style 2013+ uses an inverted flare fitting that does not require an O-ring for sealing.

Hydraulic Fitting

Is the 2012 and older style hydraulic end fitting able to be bent as some the OE ends are? Usually CVO models.

Yes. Touring are 25º  and Dynas are 45º, stock.

Actuators and Slave Cylinders

Hydraulic clutches slave cylinder or actuators.

If the bike is equipped with an after-market hydraulic clutch, our OEM style hydraulic fitting may not fit.  Purchaser is responsible for identify the type of hydraulic clutch line needed for their particular application before ordering.

Brake Lines - All ASSEMBLED Types

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Kevlar vs. Stainless Steel

What is the difference between Kevlar and Stainless Steel?

Magnum's Signature braided brake lines (Sterling Chromite, Black Pearl, Polished Stainless, and Copper Canyon) are constructed of two separate layers braided over a PTFE tubing core.  The hidden layer is made of a dense weave of ultra high-performance, high-tensile Kevlar® which far surpasses the tensile strength of stainless steel.

Alternatively standard brake lines use industrial stainless steel braided over PTFE tubing.  This has long been an economical way to produce performance brake lines for automotive applications.

For those who want a high performing brake line for the ultimate brake lever response and great appearance, braided high-tensile Kevlar fiber covered with one of our signature braids is the answer.

Designer Series

How to measure Designer Series brake lines.

The lower assembly fits stock fork length.  The stock upper line listed on the website. If you need a extended length upper brake line, it should  be measured from master cylinder to top of lower triple tree. The banjo angle at the master cylinder should be taken into consideration when deciding the routing of the brake line.

Dual Disc Dyna Fat Bob with ABS

Dual Disc Dyna ABS Fat Bob models

The ABS Dual Disc Dyna Fat Bob requires lower brake line assembly (AS37006/AS47006/AS57006) and an upper ABS brake line.  The lower assembly consists of a manifold with two lines that route to the calipers and a -3AN connection to the upper line.  There are two holes in the assembly that allow the factory lines from the ABS controller to connect to the Designer ABS lower.  The factory lines are not supplied or replaceable from Magnum Shielding - they come on the bike.

Designer ABS Controller Banjos

What size is the banjos at the ABS controller on Touring models?

The banjos at the ABS controller for the caliper and mid-line are 10mm for 08-13 Touring models.  14 and newer are 10mm for the caliper lines and 12mm for the mid-line. All mid-lines attach to an upper line that completes the routing to the master cylinder.

Use Magnum Lower with Factory stock upper

Can you use a Magnum lower or upper with a factory/stock Harley line?

No.  The stock dual disc brake system is all one piece. There is no way to separate the lines to use just our lower or just our upper.  To replace the factory line both upper and lower Designer Series brake assembly is needed.  IF the bike is equipt with an after-market brake system, it maybe possible to  replace the upper brake line.  It depend if the system incorporate -AN3 or inverted flares for the connection between the lower and upper lines. magnum uses -AN3.

ABS Softail Kits

Should there be more to the lower kit & upper line?  The kits seem to be missing a portion of a brake line.

Magnum ABS single discs for Softail's are engineered to replace the OE brake line. Harley Davidson  P&A division brake lines have an extra section added to the lower assembly and do not look the same. If trying to copy the look of a P&A brake line, it will not look the same. 

Designer Lower Mounting Bolt

Mounting Bolt for Designer Lowers

Mounting bolts that are stock for a Harley-Davidson will fit through the holes of the lower assemblies. 

Alignment Pin for Lower Designer Assembly

Designer Lower Assemblies - can't get the lower brake line to mount properly.

Sometimes the roll pin located in the bottom of the lower triple tree will need to be removed in order to get the lower to mount correctly.  The alignment pin is used for installing the factory brake line on the assembly line and is not needed. The second hole of our manifold is for manufacturing and is not used to mount the brake line.

Removing alignment pin

Designer Lower - lower doesn't mount correctly

The roll pin can removed by covering their fender to protect it and taking pliers and pulling and twisting until the roll pin comes out.  It is not needed to install a Magnum lower brake line

Performance Machine Calipers

Will Performance Machine calipers work with our brake lines?

If the Performance Machine calipers are mounted the same as OE calipers and the banjo connection is in the same location - yes.  Otherwise a custom length line may need to be ordered.

Foot Pedal Extensions

4" extensions for rear brake lines

If adding 4" extensions to your foot controls,  4" can be added to the front of a rear brake kit.  If it is only the foot pedal itself gets moved, you shouldn't need any extra length.

Standard End or Inverted Flare

Can we make a "standard end" or inverted flare?

No.  This is mostly for older bikes (70's).  We can make a line with a universal -3AN end and an adaptor is needed. The exception would be BYO as there is an inverted flare fitting available

DOT "4" Compatibility

Are our brake lines compatible with Harley's DOT 4 brake lines?

The "4" is actually a level assigned to the brake fluid that is used in the brake system.  Our brake lines will take any level of fluid (generally 3 - 5), so they are compatible. 

Banjo and Fitting Installation for Universal Brake Lines

Does thread tape need to used on the threaded ends of brake lines?

No, the AN3 fittings do not need to be sealed that way.

Universal Brake Line Thread

What is the thread size of the AN3 fitting?

The thread size of the -AN3 female fitting is  a universal design and is compatible with all other -3AN brake lines. Thread size is 3/8" x 24.

Brake Line Routing Radius

What is the recommended minimum routing radius and maximum tension allowed?

Minimum radius - 3/4".   There should be no tension or stress on line.

Bleeder Screw Location

Where is the bleeder screw on the 2015 and newer bikes?

The bleeder screw is located in the caliper banjo bolt.

2014 Touring Non-ABS Brake Line Mounting

How do you install '14+ non-ABS brake lines?  The line does not fit in the plastic snap case/holder.

Remove the snap case.  Our kit comes with 3 clamps that are to be used to install the brake line on the bike.  Instructions are included.

E-Z Align Brake

Does the brake line come with a clamp or bracket for mounting?

No.  The existing clamp that came on the bike can be used or a custom version from a dealer can be procured.

Brake Pressure

Universal Brake Pressure

Magnum Shielding brake lines burst strength is over 15,000 psi.  The master cylinders on a motorcycle only generate 800 to 1000 psi.

Discoloration on Brake Line

Discoloring on brake line may not mean  the brake line is leaking and unusable.

Some brake fluids, like Silicone (purplish), can eventually stain part of the brake line if it is seaping from the master cylinder to line connection and is not being cleaned off.  PVC coating on the brakeline can stain because of that slow leak or seapage.  PVC is very supceptable to staining with a consistent leak over a long period of time. Other oils or contact to other products that leave a colored residue may cause the same issue.. 

10mm vs. 3/8" banjo & bolts

Will a 10mm bolt go into a 3/8" banjo?

A 10mm bolt will not go into a 3/8" banjo bore hole.  But a 3/8" bolt will go into a 10mm banjo bore hole. They are a few .001's difference.

AN3 Sizes

What size is the AN3?

AN (army/navy) is a universal connection the works with any -3AN fitting. -3AN signifies a 3/16" connection.

Washer Installation

Washers - where do they go?

One washer on each side of the banjo when installing.


Brake line Diameter sizes

Outside diameter 5/16" ; inside is a standard 1/8".


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SCII Conduit

What is the SCII made of?

SCII is manufactured with silver plated copper wire.  It is not built with stainless steel wire.

Foggy look to Black Pearl cables or brake lines

What can you do about Black Pearl products that have the foggy look of condensation to them?

Condensation is under the protective sleeve.  Possibly from production during the extrusion process, spray getting under a end fitting and weeping up the braiding from rain or washing the bike, etc.  The cable can be warmed cable or line with a blow dryer or heat gun and it will evaporate the condensation. The Black Pearl will look black again.

Cable discoloration

Is a cable under warranty for discoloration at the top of the cable?

Probably not.  If the cable has been lubricated using a lubricant in an aerosol can or with lubricant that has seeped under the braiding  that is dark or turns dark in color after being exposed to the suns UV rays it may discolor the cable.  This is a usually a customer error.  Under normal circumstances, Magnum cables do not need to be lubricated. If there is question to whether or not this applies, the customer must send the cable in to be checked for warranty.  Please see our Warranty Policy information on the lower menu bar of this site.


What are cables coated with?

Ignition wires and Sterling Chromite and Polished Stainless cables are coated with a FEP.  Brake lines and all Black Pearl products are coated with a PVC. BYO® products use a proprietary coating.

Shrink Sleeve Covers

Is there a product that can cover damaged areas similar to our shrink sleeve?

Yes, BUT we have not tested it yourself.  A customer stated that the PVC Ultra Clear non-yellowing shrink tube from Wirecare.com worked well on his bike.  We do not have any information about or tested this product ourselves, but it is an option.

Conduit Repair

Cover for a fraying cable?

Shrink tubing from Drag - DS-223461 (1/2" tubing).


Is the cable/line okay to use if the durasleeve is melted on the outside from high temps?

The nylon durasleeve will start to melt at 425°;  BUT, even though the durasleeve melts, the it will protect cable underneath it.  It does not compromise the functionality of the cable.

Cable Lubing

Do cables require lubing?  Not usually.

They have specalized linings and all cables are pre-lubed with a proprietary lubricant.  Cables can lubed periodically depending on riding conditions with a colorless Silicone spray lubricant.

Recommendation for lubricating?

We prefer a dry Teflon or Silicone based lubricant that drys clear.  All cables are prelubed with Teflon during manufacturing. That should be good for more than a year under normal circumstances.

Where to put lubricant.

Clutch cables can be lubricated with clear Teflon lubricant right on the inner cable near the eyelet, and also at the djuster. A lot goes a long way and a pressure luber is not recommended.

Conduit Color Changing

Could the braid change color and why?

If the braid changes to a yellow color, it is being affected by heat or UV rays.  If it turns pinkish-yellow, the cable has some oil, bike cleaner, or fluid underneath the coating that is causing the braiding to discolor after being exposed to UV rays.

BYO® Build-Your-Own Brake Lines and Control Cables

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Thread Size

What is the thread size of the inverted flare fitting?

3/8" by 24.

Inverted Flare

How does the BYO inverted flare work?

The longer, thinner tube portion is installed in the BYO -3 brake line and attached  with the male and female patented brake line fittings.  The larger threaded end is screwed into the calipers or master cylinder on the motorcycle.  The inverted flare is only available for our BYO® products.

Extra Parts

Can customer get an extra pin and ferrule/slug if the lose or damage one on installation?

Yes.  $3.00 for one pin & ferrule/slug.  Plus their shipping and handling.  You will need to contact Customer Service to order this.  585-381-8380.  We do NOT sell them as a repair kit. Please us ask about our Clutch or T/I repair kits

Brake Line Size

What mm size is the BYO brake line?

BYO brake line is 1/8" or 3.5mm brake line.

Thread Pitch

What is the thread pitch of a BYO banjo?

BYO banjos have a thread pitch of 10-32 used for installation.  Magnum banjos for assembled products do not have threads and are NOT interchangeable.

Secure Barrel

How do you secure the barrel on the BYO throttle and idle cables?

There are two screws that you will thread and tighten on each side of the barrel.  Once you determine where the barrel should be on the inner cable (giving you the necessary travel length), you will lock the barrel in position by tighten the screws into the inner cable.  Cut the remaining inner cable off.

Similar Brake Line

Is the BYO brake line the same as what is used in our other brake line products?

NO.  The BYO is a stainless steel brake line with a proprietary covering.  Our high-end brake line used for SCII, BP and Polished Stainless is Kevlar reinforced.

Inside Diameter

ID for the brake line is

ID is approximately .130 or 1/8"

BYO® Banjos

Will our BYO banjos fit with our other assembled brake lines and kits?

NO.  BYO® banjos are made specifically to work with BYO® brake line only.  They will not work on our other brake line assemblies.  BYO® components should be used with BYO® products ONLY.

Throttle, Idle, Idle-Cruise Cables

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Does the push cable have a spring and the pull not?

Yes.  The push cable is the Idle cable and it has a spring.  The pull cable is the throttle cable and it does not have a spring.  Idle has 1/4" thread or smaller fitting and throttle has a 5/16" thread or larger fitting.

Thread Sizes

What is the thread size?

Throttle threadsize is 5/16-18; thread pitch for idle is 1/4-20.

Throttle Cables

What is the diameter of the conduit?

Aproximately 1/4" diameter of including braid and coating.

Additional Supplied Parts

Does anything come with throttle or idle cables?

No other "parts" are sent with the cables, except the brass throttle stop.


Longest length we can make?

We have an 80" inner cable.  The longest cable we could make using it would be 71" throttle or idle cable (using a 90 fitting and 5" travel).

Metric T/I Cables

How long can we make a metric throttle or idle cable?

The longest we can go is 55 1/2".


bronze colored tip of bent tube

All idle cables have a bronze colored tip for identification purposes. This is standard practice. Throttle cables incorporate a silver tip.

Idle-Cruise Switch

Do our idle/cruise cables come with the 2-prong switch to de-activate the cruise?

Yes, it is ready to use when you install.  The 2-prong switch resides in the black section of cable.


S&S Carb Brackets

The S&S kits come with a CV Bracket and an S&S bracket.  The CV bracket has one leg longer than the other and would take regular 5" travel for throttle and 4 3/4" travel for the idle cable.  With the S&S bracket, the legs are the same length and use the standard S&S travels of 3 3/4" for throttle and 4" for the idle.

Ignition Wires

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Ignition Wires

What type of wire is used?

All Ignition Wires use- a silicone jacket around a silicone/fiberglass conductor.  Wires are suppression core but not spiral core.  Equal to HD performance wires.  Actual wire is 8mm.


How long can a wire be?

A wire can be made to almost any length. The longest we are can have braid covering is 24".  Longer lengths can have 24" of braiding, and the balance of the wire over 24" will be black silicone core wire.  Lengths made with over 24" of braid may have EMI caused problems.


Is our core a resister-style carbon core?

Yes.  It is - it is consistent with the Harley OE specifications.

Outside Diameter

Diameter of core wire

8 mm is the OD of the core wire use to make Magnum Ignition wires.

High Performance Applications

Problems with high performance parts or engines

Big cubic incher engines, khgh compression engines and high output coils can cause problems with metal braided wires.  Ignition interference issues are common. Magnum Ignition Wires are not recommended of those applications, unless the wire is very short, which reduces the amount of interference that can be generated. (EMI)

Aftermarket Ignitions

Aftermarket problems

Some dealers have experienced problems with aftermarket ignition products (including Screaming Eagle plugs) on 2000 and newer models.  If the Ignition Wire coating is thin in an area close to the frame or other ground or has a cut or knick in the FEP coating, it could cause an interference problem. Under normal circumstances our ignition wires are manufacture red  with thick FEP coating to avoid any interference issues.

Coil Boots and Terminals

Boots and terminals available for coil end

1) standard coil terminal, straight or 90º             2) spark plug (tower) style coil, straight or 90 degree    3) 2000 up OE H-D coil,  straight or 90º

Bulk Ignition

Do we sell Ignition Wire in bulk?

We cannot sell bulk ignition wire braiding because there is no good way to trim the braid and clear coat without specialized equipment.

Center Mounted Wire

Do we make Ignition Wires for center-mounted coils?

Yes.  3030C is an example of a center-mounted coil set of ignition wires. Different terminal can be used per our Custom Ignition Wire Guide.

Glow Lights

Can you attach glow lights?  Neon lights?

You can't cut the wire to do that, but you MIGHT be able to take the boot off one end and attach them there.  We don't know for sure if it will work or be safe! Do understand if you remove the boot, it can be damaged or break its seal on the wire itself leading to increased EMI and a poor running engine.

Hose Products - Crossover Products

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Hose for Cars

Use on automobiles?

Do not use our hose products on fuel injected vehicles. The hose and the connection will not hold up to the high pressure.

End Fittings

What are the ends of the oil line assemblies?

They are a female threaded compression style fitting.

Bend Radius of Cross-overs

Maximum bend radius?

2 inch radius or 4 inches in diameter


What is the pressure (PSI) rating for our fuel line/hose?

Our hose/fuel line meets R-30 specs, and is pressure rated up to 500 lbs. maximum.

Cross Overs

Do the crossover lines come with clamps?

No.  They have compression nuts on the end to secure it.  There is no need for clamps.

Nut Wont Fit Over Seal

How can you get the nut to fit over the seal?

If the nut fits over the barb, it should fit over the seal.  If it's tight, you can put a silicone spray on your fingertips and lightly rub it on the rubber seal and then fit the nut over it. There are 2 sizes of seals included in each kit to fit a large variety of fuel tank fittings.

Kinked Line

Can Crossover Line still be used if the line is kinked?

YES.  The outside braiding and PVC covering is decorative.  As long as the inside Teflon tubing is undamaged, the line should work with no issues. It can usually be reshaped with your fingers back to its original form.

Miscellaneous Questions

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carb/fuel injected cable differences?

Does a carbureted bike take the same cables as a fuel injected model?

Yes.  But not all Touring models. Older fuel injection unit used cables with a different free length than carbureted

Speedometer Cables

Can you remove the inner cable from a speedometer cable?

Yes, they are not crimped on.  You can pull the inner cable out and put it right back in if lubrication is required.

V-Rod Fitment and Products

We carry throttle, idle, hydraulic clutch and BYO non-ABS brakelines. We also have an ABS upper brake line adapter.

If there is no stock fitment, we can make custom throttle-idle cables.We do carry a full selection of hydraulic clutch lines, but those will have to be measured for length to determeine your fitment. Brake options include an upper brake line adapter for ABS models that allows you to use one of our Designer ABS upper brake lines. Non-ABS model options are only our BYO brake line manifold that can be used to construct a front dual disc brake line.  Contact Customer Service to discuss these options.


Can the Durasleeve be removed off the OEM cable and re-attach to SCII cable?

No it will not fit over a completed cable.

Mikuni Carb

What cables to use?

We make cables for HSR42 & HSR45 carburetors.  Pre-2000 use specialized mikuni cables.  Post-2000 use regular stock cable.  Cannot make for HS40.


On cables or brake lines

Workmanship and materials - 1 year - see warranty policy section for more information

Indian Motorcycles

Can we make any cables for it?

Our S&S Throttle and Idle cables may fit older models. Newer bikes made by Polaris use electric throttle by wire.

Measurements & Conversions

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Metric Conversions