Dealer Cover Letter

Dear Customer,

In order to secure Dealer pricing at Magnum Shielding, you will need to fill out our Dealer Application and fax it back to us along with the documentation that is required. These documents are listed at the very top of our application form.  You can also scan and e-mail this documentation to

Web, phone, and e-mail orders are produced daily.  The shipping timeframes are within 3-5 business days from receipt of the order. This schedule is subject to change.  Our Customer Service representatives may give you a tentative ship date when the order is confirmed.  If there are manufacturing, inventory, or holiday shutdown issues at the time of the order, these production and ship schedules may vary. Generally, most product orders can be shipped within 3-5 business days (if not sooner), not including the carrier's ship time.  We offer shipping through both UPS and US Postal.  The customer can chose many options from both carriers for ground, priority, or expedited shipping methods.

Using our web site at is an excellent tool for gathering part number information for bike-specific products. If you can check out our site and order directly from there, it will make the order process go more quickly because we will not have to go through secondary confirmations. Once you have filled out our Dealer Application and have faxed it in to our office, along with the documentation required, you can start an account on our site, but not purchase anything the first time. We will be notified of your company being set up on the site. If your Dealer Application has been approved, we can go in and " turn on" your dealer pricing.  After  you  have been  notified  that  we have switched your pricing level, you should be able to view Dealer pricing on the site.

If you prefer to order over the phone, or through e-mail, it is helpful to us if you have the part numbers in advance - either ours or Drag Specialties or Power Twins part numbers. But, it is not necessary for you to have them in advance to place an order. Our Customer Service reps will be more than happy to help you find the part numbers you need. Once an order has been placed from phone or e-mail, we will put together a confirmation for you to review and approve. It will either be faxed to you or sent to you through your e-mail as an attachment. NO phone or e-mail orders will be placed into production without the customer's written confirmation/approval that the order is correct.  All web site orders will not require secondary confirmations.

All custom cable and brake line orders are generated by the customer by first filling out a Custom Guide for each product that is being ordered that cannot be found as a stock or "stock alternative" length part number. The confirmation process is the same for custom cables with the additional component of needing the Custom Guides filled out with the requested specifications. However, custom cables and lines cannot be returned unless there is a warranty issue. That is why filling out the guides are so important. We cannot make a custom product without the customer's guide being filled out specifically for that reason.

All orders are prepaid either by Credit Card (Master Card, Visa, or Discover), COD (Buell and authorized H-D only), or prepaid money orders.

Please feel free to contact us at, 877-564-8248, or 585-381-8380, and select the Customer Service option, with any questions you may have.

Magnum Shielding Customer Service