Dealer Application

DEALER PRICING REQUIREMENTS: The documentation listed is required in order for you to be approved as a dealer at Magnum Shielding Corp. Please fax this information to 585-381-9956, along with your filled-out application, in order to be considered for dealer status. Non-compliance will result in remaining at retail pricing. Documents: business license, dealer certificate, and/or retail sale certificate. We can also accept a current Drag Specialties invoice and a picture of the business storefront or service/sales shop area.

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Dealer Name:
Shipping Address:
City: State: Zip:
Phone: Fax:
Billing Address:
City: State: Zip:
E-Mail Address for Order Confirmation:
Website Address:
Our methods of payment are PREPAY - Money Order or Cashiers Check; or Credit Card (MasterCard / VISA / Discover); or COD - Company Check (this option is for authorized Harley-Davidson/Buell dealers ONLY - this requires the name to include H-D or H-D/Buell)
Please check the preferred form of payment.
Money Order, Cashier's Check (sent to Magnum PRIOR to order being processed)
Credit Card: MasterCard / VISA
COD - Company Check (authorized Harley-Davidson / Buell dealers only)
If paying by Credit Card, include:
Credit Card #:
Expiration Date:
Last 3 Digits on back of card (CVV):


  • 25% Re-Stocking fee for items ordered in error and returned for alternate items
  • When the item is ordered in error per customer's instructions and can be altered when returned, there will be a Repair Charge assessed according to the alteration needed
  • Returns due manufacturing defects or specification errors will be replaced under warranty (upon inspection by Quality Department
  • We are a make-to-order company and do not keep an inventory of product.
  • Check out our web site at You can also order directly from there. Sign on, we will get notified, and then we can "turn on" your dealer pricing.